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Service & Routine Maintenance

You can count on our team of skilled and seasoned mechanics. They’re not just your run-of-the-mill technicians; they really know their stuff. They’ll take care of your Porsche vehicle, give it the TLC it needs with regular maintenance, and tackle any mechanical issues that come their way.

What’s more, we’ve got the coolest, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment in the game. This high-tech gear helps us figure out exactly what your car needs for its service and upkeep. We’re all about precision here!

Minor Service

A minor car service is like a little TLC session for your vehicle. It’s all about taking care of the basics to keep your car in tip-top shape.

The expert technicians will start by giving your car a fresh oil and filter change – it’s like a spa day for your engine. They’ll also look at important fluids like coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid, ensuring they’re at the correct levels.

But that’s not all. Our trusty car pros will check out your brakes, tyres, and battery to ensure they’re in good shape. Safety first, right? They’ll even give your lights, wipers, and other safety features a once-over to make sure your car is cruising along smoothly and securely.

Think of it as a regular check-up for your car – catching and addressing any little issues before they turn into big headaches. In the end, a minor service keeps your vehicle running smoothly so you can hit the road with peace of mind.

Major Service

Getting a full-on car service is like giving your vehicle a complete health check. It’s the real deal, where our skilled technicians go over your car with a fine-tooth comb. They take a close look at everything, from the engine to the brakes and even the suspension. Their mission is to find any signs of wear and tear, replace filters and fluids, and fine-tune things to make sure your car is in tip-top shape.

But it’s not just about safety and reliability, although that’s a big part of it. This deep dive also helps catch any potential problems. In the end, it’s all about extending the life of your beloved ride and making sure you stay safe out there on the road.

Brake Service

Getting a car brake service isn’t just about keeping your wheels in check; it’s about ensuring your safety and keeping your ride at its best. When you go for a brake service, it’s like a full check-up for your car’s brakes. We dig into everything, from those trusty brake pads to the rotors, callipers, and even the brake fluid.

If those brake pads have seen better days, we’ll swap them out. And if the rotors are looking worse for wear, we might smooth them down or replace them if needed. Plus, we’ll freshen up that brake fluid.

Maintenance & Repair

Taking care of your car is like looking after an old friend. It’s a whole process that covers everything from routine check-ups to emergency fixes. 

First, there are those regular appointments you can’t skip, like changing the oil, giving your brakes a little TLC, and rotating the tyres.

But sometimes, life throws a curveball, and your trusty ride might need a bit more love. That’s when repairs come into play. Our skilled mechanics will diagnose issues, make the necessary tweaks, and swap out parts that have seen better days.

Porsche Engine Rebuilds

With over 30 years in the business, RS Autosport has mastered the art of Porsche engine rebuilds. In fact, we’ve probably rebuilt more Porsche engines in South Africa than anyone else.

An engine rebuild is no small task – it’s a meticulous and time-intensive process. Sometimes, there might be a waiting list, but rest assured, our expert team is wholeheartedly committed to bringing your car back to life. Whether you’re looking for a complete restoration or addressing specific issues, just drop by for a chat.

Oh, and one more thing to note – we exclusively specialise in gearbox rebuilds for older models. That way, your Porsche’s heart gets the care it truly deserves.

Sell or buy a Porsche

RS Autosport doesn’t sell Porsches, but we can source a specific model for you. We can also help to sell your car discreetly. Thanks to our line of work, we have the inside scoop on most Porsches cruising around Gauteng and beyond. Our mission? To connect folks who want to sell with those on the hunt to buy.

Pre-purchase inspections

If you’re eyeing that special Porsche and want to know more about its condition before sealing the deal, just reach out to us. We’ll set up a time for you to bring it over to the workshop. Our team will give it a thorough once-over and provide you with a complete assessment, including diagnostics and insurance reports.

  • Thorough assessment: Getting the car on the hoist for an exterior inspection, we carefully examine for visible leaks and any issues detectable without stripping anything.
  • Detailed report: Receive a comprehensive report on the car’s condition.
  • Safety focus: We prioritise safety components for your peace of mind by providing a diagnostic report.
  • Expert guidance: Get expert advice for an informed buying decision.
  • Transparency: Our process is transparent to give you the peace of mind you seek before purchasing a Porsche.
  • Duration: One day

Contact us to book your Pre-purchase inspection.

Electronic diagnostics

Let’s plug in your Porsche for fault checking and clearance if a lights appear on the dash.

  • Duration: 30 minutes

* Let us know beforehand to ensure technician availability.

Contact us to book your electronic diagnostic session.

Vehicle Valuations

We can assist with valuations for insurance purposes once you’ve purchased your beloved new baby.

Torque Trader

In 2022, we teamed up with Torque Trader, your go-to partner for trading luxury, classic, or exotic vehicles.

Torque Trader is your go-to free-to-use platform for hassle-free vehicle buying and selling. When a deal is sealed, Torque Trader takes a small commission to keep the wheels turning.

Our partnership with Torque Trader is all about ensuring buyers and sellers are in good hands. Buyers can opt to have their potential new ride checked out by our Torque Trader affiliated workshop – just to be sure. And if that’s not enough, Torque Trader can hold onto the payment until all the conditions are met, so everyone’s happy.

Torque Trader takes transparency seriously, and all the info on their site has been given the green light. So, go ahead and cruise through our listings with confidence.


CTEK battery chargers

  • Revive and maintain: CTEK chargers revive and maintain your car’s battery, ensuring it’s always ready to go.
  • Prevent breakdowns: Avoid unexpected dead batteries and inconvenient breakdowns.
  • Easy and smart: These chargers are user-friendly for easy plug and play, and we install/connect them for you.
  • Battery longevity: Increase your battery’s lifespan and performance with a CTEK charger.

Contact us to order yours now!

Custom car covers

  • Meticulously crafted like a quality tailored suit, but custom made and designed specifically for your vehicle.
  • They are not just about style; they’re about preserving the beauty and performance of your cherished vehicle.
  • Shield your Porsche from the elements, dust, and potential damage with a cover that fits like a glove.

Contact us to order yours now!